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Customers love their RelaxSacks, read below for a few recent testimonials.

Comfy, Comfy, Comfy, My Relax Sack is perfect for my dorm. I take it down the hall or out into the commons to play some video games or watch a movie. I always have the best seat in the room.
Jase--TX, USA

The best furniture ever made! When we enter the room everyone is racing to get to it. Whoever wins the race knows they are king for the night. There is nothing better than a Relax Sack to cuddle up on during a movie or just chilling with your friends
Bill--CA, USA

I have RelaxSacks in my store, and they are definitely a hit. The kids stay put, and the parents get to shop. I've loved it.
Laurie --WY, USA

My 9 year old slept on a RelaxSack at a sleepover and drove me crazy until I at least looked at the website. I decided to purchase one and she sleeps on in it every weekend. I have fallen asleep twice while watching TV. I's ridiculously comfy and soft! Her friends are all bugging their parents for one also! Smart buy! Happy Child! Happy Mom! 
Tilly---NV, USA

With a family of 7 seating is limited. Our 6' Sack is always the first seat taken when we gather around to watch a movie. The cover is machine washable. A mothers dream. Now only if I could unzip the couch cover and wash it. 
Sue---GA, USA

I never give testimonials, but honestly I love my Relax Sac. It is the best piece of furniture I have ever purchased. I love to come home and just curl up and relax on the bag. It is super comfy. Thank you so much. 
Jen---Idaho USA